August 2, 2015


Benefits of Community Fiber Networks

  • Job Creation: Fiber networks draw new companies and accelerate entrepreneurial activity, creating economic development activities within a given market. A fiber optic network provides employees of a given company with the connectivity that they need to allow for distance based working.
  • Increasing Broadband Access and Services to Underserved Areas:  By deploying a community-wide fiber optic network, that includes every home and business in the service area regardless of income, Open Access communities are providing world-class broadband in places that have been un-served or underserved by traditional providers including but not limited to rural areas. As the Open Access model increases in success, the network can be incrementally expanded to serve more areas and communities.
  • Education: Fast Internet and video services enhance educational efforts at all levels. This is particularly important for adult learners who are utilizing online learning to re-train for new jobs. As a result, community based fiber Service Providers support an Open Access architecture and deployment method.
  • Increasing Local Tax Revenues: Open Access communities have significantly increased PILOT payments and other tax revenues to state and local governments by providing total transparency with respect to the cost recovery and participation in the Open Access deployments.

Eliminating barriers to municipality backed Open Access fiber deployments is a good first step for any community to increase availability, increase reliability and decrease the barrier for new providers to offer services within the community.